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Northbrook Algebra Tutor, Northbrook Math Tutor, Northbrook Chemistry Tutor, Northbrook Science English Social Studies Tutor, Elementary and Middle School Tutor Jackie.

Jackie is a veteran instructor with three decades of teaching experience on her resume. While she is able to tutor students in the Northbrook area for such subjects as algebra one and two and science through 8th grade, her real specialty is in working with students of all ages in helping them to become better students. In some cases she works with a family for a few lessons and helps the student to learn better study skills and habits and goes on her way; in other cases families have decided that she is such a good influence that they wanted her to stick around for years. Whatever your situation may be she is truly a gifted tutor when it comes to a student who needs help with more than just having one or two subjects explained to them.

If your student has special needs, or has math anxiety, or just isn't thriving in her academic life and there is no clear cut reason as to why then Jackie may be the right tutor for you.

Jackie is a native of Houston and recently moved to the Northbrook area with her husband and 2 cats Tiger and Pele. She has been tutoring in the area for 3 years now and is fast becoming acquainted with the local schools and teachers. She is alos learning that the challenging courses at the Northbrook high schools can be daunting to many and that a boost in the form of one on one instuction is sometimes needed.

"I am an accomplished educator who has experience teaching in K-12 settings, as well as college institutions. My expertise is working with diverse populations including those with learning differences, behavioral challenges and from other cultures. I have training and experience working with students not just academically but socially and emotionally. I teach social skills, study skills, organization and help them become successful. Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy learning. As teachers it is our responsibility to assist students in learning how to help them access curriculum in ways that they learn so that they learn. My strengths include patience, creativity, thinking outside the box, and keeping updated with current information and research."

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