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Lisa is a veteran school teacher who has been dispensing her knowledge of Spanish for 25 years. She has a degree in Spanish and in education and has tutored on and off during her tenure as a teacher. One thing that makes Lisa great at what she does is that she loves teaching, and whether it is one on one or before a class of 30 the students can sense this and it really does make a positive difference.

A couple years ago she moved to the Northbrook area and since retirement is in the near future she decided to give one on one tutoring a try and see how it went. What she found was that her skills as a teacher were good but that with one on one she was even better at helping students. She hails from the west end of the Northbrook area and tutors all levels of Spanish, helps her students prep for the AP exam, and is also available for instruction in English (also for the AP exam) for K-12 and for ESL students.

Lisa was raised by parents who spoke both English and Spanish since her earliest memories. As such she is able to not only help students get A's in their courework but also to teach adults as well as teens the nuances of the Spanish language and many things about its culture. Both of her parents moved to the United States as children and kept alive in their household the language of their native Argentina.

Lisa's teaching style depends entirely on the student and on what exactly the purpose is for her presence. For those who simply want to get A's in their Spanish classes at Northbrook High School she will focus on grammar and on memorization techniques, as well as anything else that will help them to achieve their scholastic goals. Her sessions with a group of business women who are preparing for a trip to Spain will be much different. She has done it all and will adapt her approach to whatever goals are required.

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