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Chris is the Science wizard of our network, and isn't too bad with math either, tutoring all algebra courses, as well as geometry and pre-calculus, all for both regular and honors. He is a recent graduate of Rutgers and a card carrying member of mensa. Fortunately in spite of his gifts he remains a humble soul and is great at interracting with students he tutors of all skill sets and ages for the subjects of math and science in the Northbrook area.

Says Chris..."I prefer to use analogies, mnemonic devices, and drawings when I teach, so if you learn best through seeing or visualizing material rather than rote memorization or repetitive listening I will be a great match for you. I have previously taught lab sections for Introductory Biology at Cornell University and TA'd for the graduate level Advanced Plant Genetics. I feel very comfortable discussing and explaining biology and chemistry at any level.

I received my B.S. in Biotechnology from Rutgers (minor in Biochemistry), and M.S. from Cornell in Plant Biology where I was a part of the Plant Cell and Molecular Biology program. I'm an excellent molecular biologist with a desire to help people understand more about life from molecules and up! I currently help my students with Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Molecular Biology. I also help students prepare for the SAT II, Regents, and AP in Biology and Chemistry.

I feel that its best to receive help early, before you get too far behind! The earlier you get to me, the more I can do for you, but don't be afraid to schedule a last minute cram session: sometimes desperation can lead to inspiration! Please contact me with any questions you have.

For more info on Chris please call during business hours any day of the week or email any time."

Thank you.

Joseph Tilotson