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Christine is a graduate student who lives inthe Northbrook areas and specializes in both Algebra and Spanish. In addition to algebra one and two and pre-alegebra she has a great deal of experience tutoring other math subjects such as geometry and calculus in the Northbrook area. For Spanish she is able to tutor through Spanish one and two AP and for Spanish 3 and 4 for Northbrook High School.

Christine began tutoring her younger siblings while in high school, found she had a knack for it, and found employment with a couple of different tutoring companies while in college. She received her bachelor's degree in Psychology and is now pursuing a masters degree in this field. Though she is going to school full time she is available 10-15 hours per week for in home tutoring lessons in the Northbrook area. She will likely be half booked at the beginning of the school year from previous families so if you'd like to try her as an instructor it is best to call early in the school year.

Aside from knowing her subjects very well Christine's best trait as a tutor is a knack for explaining difficult concepts. Though she tutors all grade and middle school subjects and is employed by some of her families for this purpose her real strength as a tutor shines through in her ability to figure out how a student learns and to adpat her teaching style to make those math or Spanish concepts easy for them to understand. She has been tutoring in the area for 2 years so has a good grasp of the local schools and what it takes to do well in them.

Says Christine: "I love to learn new things, and I love to help other people learn as well. I strive to help all students reach their potential so that they can have the opportunity to impact the world in a positive way of their own making. I believe that it is vital for people of all ages to be well-rounded and well-traveled in order to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world. I have a scientific mind and outlook, but I also enjoy experiencing and creating all forms of art, especially music and cinema."

For more info or to set up an initial lesson with Christine please call during business hours or email any time.

Thank you.

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